MACKAY 15-year-old Aaliyah Warren was a little nervous going to school yesterday after her stunning performance on hit TV show The X Factor.

She was lapping up words of congratulations and encouragement from her Mackay North State High School mates yesterday after celebrity judges Redfoo and Dannii Minogue gave her the green light in her audition, sending her to the next stage.

Ms Warren's performance stirred up a mixed reaction from judges. Ronan Keating didn't want her to go through to the next stage, Bootcamp, saying she wasn't ready.

However, Ms Warren has taken his comments in her stride.

"I think he did give me really good feedback even though he said I wasn't ready, which is probably a good thing to take in and go back and work on it," she said.

Ms Warren was on stage for a lot longer than was shown on TV, she said.

"I was up there for ages when they were making their decision so that was really hard, but I had to, like, stand my ground and not cry or anything.

"At one point I felt like tears were going to come out but it was all good."

The nerves didn't hit the singer until she reached the stage and starting belting out Adele's I Found a Boy.

"I expected to be so nervous to be going out there in front of all those people but really I was just really excited until I got out on stage and then started singing.

"And then it really hit me how nervous I actually was.

"It was hard to keep singing and sound good ... in front of all those people. And then seeing the judges' faces, that was hard."

Ms Warren has dreams of being a solo artist and is determined to make it a reality.

"That's something I'm going to work really hard to do and that's what I want my future to be," she said.


  •  Made it through to The X Factor Bootcamp
  •  Bootcamp stage televised from Sunday next week on Channel 7