GUILTY: Mackay's Bradwin Neil James Saylor.
GUILTY: Mackay's Bradwin Neil James Saylor. Facebook

Man who punched child in face may soon be free

DESPITE punching a child in the face in a supermarket and terrorising his partner, a Mackay crook with a record nearing 20 pages may soon be free.

Bradwin Neil James Saylor, 40, pleaded guilty to 10 charges in Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday.

Magistrate Mark Nolan detailed the "disgusting" behaviour and said on November 23, 2018, Saylor had been inside Coles at Sydney Street Markets when he began "acting in a confrontational manner to an elderly gentleman".

Turning to a group of children, Saylor "squared up and actually punched one of the young children in the face".

Come December 2, Saylor took garden lights from a property and placed them around his partner's home.

"She was so fearful or what you might do she stayed inside her dwelling with the doors locked and lights turned out," Mr Nolan said.

Saylor hurled the lights through a window, and four days later he returned and another incident occurred.

A stealing offence involved Saylor nabbing a woman's phone and ID cards from a dentist's office, while drug utensil offences involved Saylor possessing water pipes.

Convictions for two counts of wilful damage, breaching domestic violence orders and possessing utensils, and one count of public nuisance and stealing, were entered. Saylor was also convicted of breaching parole and probation.

He has previously been convicted of seven common assaults, five counts of assault occasioning bodily harm and one count of grievous bodily harm, among many other crimes.

Defence lawyer Phillip Moore said Saylor had been homeless and hoped to stay with his partner.

Mr Moore added Saylor's offending saw him returned to prison on parole, meaning he could not engage in probation.

Saylor's "disgraceful" actions prompted Mr Nolan to advise him domestic violence orders were put in place "to protect women from people like you".

Saylor was sentenced to a four month overarching prison term, suspended, and fined $600. He will now be at the mercy of parole officers.