MAFS’ Cyrell has accused Nic of being fame-hungry in a candid new podcast chat.
MAFS’ Cyrell has accused Nic of being fame-hungry in a candid new podcast chat.

MAFS groom’s sex tape bombshell

ANOTHER Married At First Sight couple appears to be over.

In a surprisingly candid interview, Cyrell Jimenez Paule has accused her "husband" on the show, cancer survivor Nic Jovanovic, of being desperate for fame - and revealed that a sex tape featuring him is currently circulating on social media.

Cyrell and Nic on their wedding day.
Cyrell and Nic on their wedding day.

"My 'husband' … talk about 'Mr Sweet and Innocent'," Cyrell told Now to Love's "MAFS Confessional" podcast.

"I'm just going to say it - I'm so sick of this. I've copped it pretty hard when it comes to Nic on social media, everyone's like, 'he deserves better, she's so rough around the edges … he's been through so much, he's had testicular cancer'.

"Just because someone's had cancer - and I'm not not acknowledging what he went through - but just because someone's had cancer doesn't necessarily mean that they're a good person."


They’ve had a few heated moments on the show.
They’ve had a few heated moments on the show.

She went on to claim that he'd been portrayed a lot better on TV than what he's actually like in real life.

"For example, I'm getting (direct messaged on Instagram) right now with a sex video of his," Cyrell told the hosts, adding that the message had come from "someone in Perth".

At this point in the podcast, a muffled voice - presumably a publicist - could be heard piping up, which made the health fund consultant falter in her story.

Cyrell has been criticised on social media for blowing up at Nic on several occasions on the show - seemingly for no reason.

But according to her, that's because the key moments leading to her outbursts have been edited out.

"I was how I was with Nic because I think I can judge people's characteristics from the start, and from day dot I said to Nic, 'You're here for fame!' - and that's what they're not showing," Cyrell alleged.

When one of the hosts pointed out that he seemed the least likely candidate to be a fame-chaser, Cyrell explained that off-camera, there had been times where he was asking "Why aren't we getting papped?" and discussing his desire to become "Instagram famous".

"They (producers) can't air when I'm sitting there calling him 'fake' and only wanting fame," she said.

"They don't put those parts in. I even had the conversation with him like, 'If you're here for fame, tell me, but don't make me look like a fool and don't make me be depicted as the bad person for calling you out for what you are'."


Married At First Sight continues Sunday at 7pm on Nine.