A 'lazy' criminal has been lashed by a Gympie Magistrate for his 'pathetic' attempt at community service.
A 'lazy' criminal has been lashed by a Gympie Magistrate for his 'pathetic' attempt at community service. Arthur Gorrie

Magistrate: Gympie crim's community service effort pathetic

A GYMPIE man has been given a verbal lashing by Magistrate Chris Callaghan over his "pathetic” inability to do community service.

Jason Joseph Moore-Smith, 22, was brought before the court this week after failing to complete a court-ordered 60 hours of service within a year.

Only seven hours had been done.

Magistrate Chris Callaghan was left to wonder why - especially after the court heard Moore-Smith, who pleaded guilty, had only spent about half of the past year working as a trade assistant.

Court. File Photo

"So he hasn't been working? Then why hasn't he done his community service?” Mr Callaghan asked.

"The report says he was too busy working.”


Solicitor Tim Campion said his client had been concentrating on his probation requirements and had been homeless.

Mr Callaghan said these excuses did not add up, especially when he was advised by the prosecution Moore-Smith had been "doing quite well” with his probation.

"It sounds like your client is lazy more than anything,” he said.

"Let's call a spade a spade.

"He doesn't want to work.”

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Magistrate Chris Callaghan. Renee Albrecht

Mr Callaghan then moved onto his sentence considerations, and was told Moore-Smith had a SPER account.

"I'm sure he does,” Mr Callaghan said.

He fined Moore-Smith $500, and lashed his excuses as "lame”.

"You just don't want to work ... going through life spongeing off others,” he said.

"Sixty hours in 12 months is a pathetically small amount to do; you doing seven hours of that is more pathetic.”