Linda Lee Newbold pleaded guilty to four drug related charges this week.
Linda Lee Newbold pleaded guilty to four drug related charges this week.

Magistrate lambastes repeat drug offender

A Gladstone Magistrate lambasted a repeat drug offender in court on Wednesday.

Linda Lee Newbold, 43, pleaded guilty to four drug related offences, including drug-driving and possessing dangerous drugs.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Carl Spargo read the facts of Newbold's case to the court and Magistrate Bevan Manthey.

At 4.20pm on August 14 last year, police from the Calliope Road Policing Unit intercepted a Hyundai sedan on Larson St at Miriam Vale.

They identified Newbold as the driver and she submitted to a roadside drug test.

The test returned a positive result for a relevant drug and she was detained for further testing.

A second test at the Miriam Vale Police Station returned a second positive result.

A specimen of Newbold's saliva was later sent to a forensic health facility for testing, where results displayed methamphetamine was in Newbold's system at the time.

She was issued a notice to appear in court.

At 7.40am on September 22, police executed a search warrant at Newbold's address at Miriam Vale.

Police entered the front room of her house and a search uncovered two grams of cannabis in a small bowl.

Newbold stated the drug was hers which she smoked through her bong, which was later located in a small juice container.

The bottle had water and residue in it after it was recently used to smoke cannabis.

As the search continued, police located a quantity of clip-seal bags, a cone piece and digital scales in the kitchen.

Newbold stated the items were hers and she used the clip-seal bags as wash bags, the scales for food and the cone piece for a bong when she smoked drugs.

As the search concluded, Newbold stated there was a used syringe in the glove compartment of her car and police found it used but capped.

It was not disposed of properly and Newbold offered no reason for not disposing of it.

She was issued a notice to appear for the four drug related charges.

Newbold's criminal record was a bleak one and three previous dangerous drug offences in the last five years put her in danger of serving jail time.

Magistrate Manthey heard submissions from Newbold's solicitor and handed down penalty, but not before getting his point across.

"She definitely has issues with drugs and has served jail time before, albeit in 2013," Mr Manthey said.

"I am putting you on a probation order and usually people walk out of here 'Yeah, probation order. I'm not going to jail', friggen b*******."

"You were looking at some (jail) time today with your history, do you understand that?"

"Six months to do one month, I have written it on your file in case you ever come before me again."

Mr Manthey disqualified Newbold from driving for six months and placed her on 12 months' probation.