Man steals $43K ute, collides with car, three elderly ladies

A FATHER of two has been told it's time to change his ways when he fronted Dalby Magistrates Court for a string of offences.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Jodie Tahana told the court that on March 6, Russell Allan Mckay broke into a house, taking a handbag containing $6000 in cash and a set of car keys.

He stole a Landcruiser ute belonging to a 19-year-old who had made about $10,000 worth of upgrades to the $33,000 vehicle just the week prior.

Later that day Mckay was travelling on Dalby Cecil Plains Rd when witnesses reported he was swerving all over the road, driving with excessive speed and failing to maintain his lane before losing control and finally colliding with a car that was carrying three elderly ladies.

Mckay asked them not to call police as he had been drinking and left the scene. He was on parole at the time.

But defence lawyer Rebecca Peters argued Mckay had used his time in prison usefully.

"He has realised this is the end of the road for him and he must change his behaviour in order to remain out of prison," she said.

Magistrate Tracey Mossop said Mckay was "exactly where he should be" and hoped he had sat in jail long enough to "wake up to himself".

"Quite frankly you now are exactly where you should be and you have been since March this year and you're not going to get out any time soon."

Mckay pleaded guilty to five offences - burglary, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, wilful damage, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and fail to remain at the scene of an accident.

He was jailed 18 months for the burglary and 12 months for unlawful use, wilful damage and dangerous operation, all to be served concurrently, with a parole eligibility date of January 1, 2020.

He was also disqualified from driving for 12 months.