Making good use of kitchen scraps

THE benefits of composting the scraps from around your home are huge and the garden will flourish on it.

Rich in nutrients, compost will give your plants added nourishment which would otherwise be lacking from standard soils, while also helping plants to be disease resistant.

With different soils found in different parts of the Coast, compost will help improve drainage in clay soils and help sandy soils to retain their moisture.

Compost is also beneficial for reducing the need for commercial herbicides and pesticides for vegie gardens as it will reduce unwanted insects.

There are plenty of large and small compost systems available, including benchtop compost bins for the kitchen.

Keep it on the bench and add your vegie scraps when preparing school lunches and dinners.


What to add to compost

  • Vegetable and food scraps
  • Coffee grounds
  • Egg shells
  • Old wet newspapers
  • Human and animal hair
  • Used vegetable cooking oil
  • Dead flowers
  • Vacuum cleaner dust

What not to add to compost

  • Meat and dairy products
  • Metals, plastics and glass
  • Bread or cake (it will attract mice)


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