A Bundaberg man accused of raping his stepdaughter has been found guilty.
A Bundaberg man accused of raping his stepdaughter has been found guilty. Contributed

TRIAL: Man accused of raping stepdaughter found guilty

THURSDAY | 10AM: A BUNDABERG man accused of raping his stepdaughter has been found guilty.

Jurors delivered their verdict in the Bundaberg District Court late last night.

The man was found guilty of all four charges involving the rape and indecent treatment of his stepdaughter, who was between 11 and 13 years old at the time of the offending.

Judge Leanne Clare is expected to begin sentencing the man later today.


THURSDAY | 5AM: A JURY is today expected to deliver its verdict in a trial of a Bundaberg man accused of raping his stepdaughter.

On day two of the proceedings in the Bundaberg District Court, jurors heard from Senior Constable Patricia Applebee - the police officer who first interviewed the teenage girl claiming her stepfather digitally raped her, kissed her and inappropriately touched her.

The offences, for which the Bundaberg region man is standing trial, are alleged to have happened on three separate occasions between 2014 and the end of 2016, when the girl was 11 to 13 years old.

In a police interview in 2018, the then 14-year-old victim told Sen-Const Applebee the first offence in time happened as she and her stepdad were driving along Childers Rd.

In court yesterday Sen-Const Applebee showed the court a map of the location of the alleged rape, which the girl had described to her during their interview.

"She told me that was where ... (he) had stopped his vehicle and where it happened," Sen-Const Applebee said, pointing to a dirt track off Childers Rd.

In the interview, the girl claimed that when she was in either Year 5 or 6, her stepdad had reached for her breast while driving and put his hand down her shirt.

After the short encounter, the pair drove for some 20 minutes before the man turned down a dirt track off Childers Rd and pulled over.

It is alleged he then digitally raped her with one hand, as his other clutched a cigarette.

The man is also facing two additional charges, accused of touching his stepdaughter's breast in a backyard near Childers and kissing her breast while her sisters slept in a bunk bed beneath her.

The girl's stepdad was not called as a witness in the trial, nor did his defence call any witnesses.