ARREST: The man was caught lying naked on his neighbour’s day bed.
ARREST: The man was caught lying naked on his neighbour’s day bed.

Man arrested for drinking beer naked on neighbour’s porch

A MAN caught lying naked, drinking a beer on his neighbour's daybed believed he had done nothing wrong when police arrested him for trespassing and wilfully exposing himself.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana told Dalby Magistrates Court police were called to an address on Pratten street at 7pm on January 9.

The victim told police she had arrived home to find Geoffrey Alexander Rowe, 69, lying on her daybed on her porch naked, and drinking a beer.

When the victim's dogs began barking, Rowe jumped over the fence of the victim and over his own fence to escape.

Police attended the address of the defendant, who said he wasn't aware he was committing an offence, and he was going through a "hard time".

Defence lawyer Raymond Everest told the court his client has recently separated from his wife of 51 years, and had been in the midst of a "depressive episode" when he committed the offence.

Mr Everest said his client had been "hearing voices" since the weekend prior to the incident and was prescribed medication.

The court heard that on the night of the offence, Rowe had consumed four beers to deal with the voices in his head, and told police he couldn't recall the incident.

Mr Everest told the court his client had been feeling much better since the offending, and it was a "one off" situation.

The lawyer said Rowe was "incredibly embarrassed and remorseful".

Magistrate Tracy Mossop commended Rowe's effort in taking care of his mental health issues, but reprimanded him for his actions on that night.

"Nobody wants to be exposed to anyone's naked body unwillingly," he said.

The defendant pleaded guilty to trespass, and wilful exposure.

He was placed on a five month good behaviour order with a $400 fine hanging over his head if he could not comply with the order.

No conviction was recorded.