Man bites police officer after getting tasered in bed

GETTING tasered failed to stop a man who bit a police officer after refusing to get out of bed, a court heard.  

Police were called to a domestic disturbance at a Gunalda address about 3.20am on May 17.

They entered the cabin and saw John Albert Iddles, 29, lying in bed.   Maryborough Magistrates Court heard police asked Iddles to get out of bed, but he refused and rolled over.  

They grabbed Iddles by the arm, but he ripped it away and kicked the officer "with force" multiple times in the chest and neck.

  Police Prosecutor Sergeant Glenn Whittle said Iddles was tasered by police but he pulled out the probes.   Sgt Whittle said he grabbed the officer by the arm that was holding the taser and bit it.

"The sergeant struck the defendant four to five times in the face in the hope he would unlatch his arm," Sgt Whittle said.   Idles was arrested and taken to the Maryborough watchhouse.

He fronted Maryborough Magistrates Court on Tuesday charged with contravening a direction order, obstructing police, assaulting a police officer and serious assault with intent to commit crime or resist arrest. 

  Defence lawyer Travis George said his client didn't recall the "nice request" for him to get out of bed.   "He recalls being dragged out of bed and that's when it all happened," Mr George said.  

Mr George said his client "didn't want to get tasered" and bit the police officer while he was in a headlock.  

"It's always interesting to hear the police officer say, 'I then used closed hand tactics to forcefully strike the defendant four or five times', this is when he has already let go.  

"I saw the defendant in the watchhouse the next day, he looked like he had done a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson."   But Magistrate Terry Duroux told Iddles that his behaviour was "nothing short of deplorable".

  "If the skin was broken sir, you would be going to jail for a significant time," Mr Duroux said.

  Iddles pleaded guilty to all charges.

  He was convicted and fined $300 and sentenced to eight months in jail with immediate parole.