COURT: A man breached his domestic violence order sending sexy and derogatory texts.
COURT: A man breached his domestic violence order sending sexy and derogatory texts.

Man breaches DVO by sending sexy texts

A MAN charged with six breaches of a domestic violence order sent derogatory and sexual texts before attending a woman's address, a court was told.

The 34-year-old pleaded guilty to the charges when he faced Gladstone Magistrates Court on Friday, and also pleaded guilty to possess utensils and possessing dangerous drugs.

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Police prosecutor Sergeant Merrilyn Hoskins told the court the order was breached when the man made numerous calls, sent numerous texts and attended the woman's address.

Sergeant Hoskins said the only exception to the order was communicating in relation to the child, and she said it was clear from the messages this was not the case, and some messages were quite derogatory.

Defence lawyer Jun Pepito said some of the messages were sexual in nature and agreed that some were derogatory.

He said his client and the victim were trying to get the protection order changed.

Acting Magistrate Jason Schubert said the man had a "terrible history" in relation to breaches of domestic violence orders.

"You are continuing to offend," Mr Schubert said.

"Your behaviour shows an arrogant contempt for domestic violence orders and court orders generally."

The man, who appeared in court via video link, said he was "trying to do the right thing."

"You're not trying well enough," Mr Schubert told him.

"Because of mistakes that have already been made - they do have consequences.

"We don't just wipe the slate clean and just let you go 'hey I'm good now I'm going to contact the person', because as a community we have some fears of you doing that.

"Which is why we place orders which you choose to disregard."

The man tried to explain he was trying to support the victim through her mental health challenges, however Mr Schubert didn't buy the excuse.

"I was just being selfish, Your Honour," the man said.

"I really care for the woman, I do love her dearly."

"It's a funny way of showing love you have on your history - that's not love in a functional relationship," Mr Schubert replied.

The man was sentenced to six months' imprisonment suspended immediately for 30 months.

It was noted the man had spent three days in custody but it was not declared.