World Record Baseball Catch - Zack Hample

Man breaks record by catching ball dropped from 1000 feet

STEVEN Finn look away now - as difficult catches go yours had nothing on this one...

Zack Hample, a baseball collector and sports author, has broken the world record for the highest elevation a baseball has ever been caught from after catching a ball dropped from a helicopter hovering at over 1,000 feet.

Hample, who has caught more than 6,800 major league baseballs in his life, had to wear protective gear for safety as he prepared to catch the ball - which reached speeds of 95mph as it plummeted towards the ground.

Video footage of the remarkable catch shows Hample apparently losing sight of the ball as he positioned himself on the grass at Edward A. LeLacheur Park, the home of a minor league baseball team in Massachusetts.

His catch means he is the new record holder easily surpassing the previous world record of 822 feet (254m).