Man caught lurking in parents' room
Man caught lurking in parents' room

Man caught lurking in parents' room at popular shopping mall

CHANNEL Nine reporter Dimity Clancey has uploaded footage of her confronting a man she caught lurking in the parents' room at a Sydney shopping mall.

The mother-of-two told 9Honey she noticed the man wandering around inside the safe-space as she was breastfeeding her baby.

"My eyes did follow him," she told Weekend Today this morning.

"I'm not sure what came over me, but it was just like this rage…I couldn't let him go."

"I chased him because I wanted him to tell me that he was really sorry, that he'd made a mistake and that he shouldn't do it again, but he didn't."

 Clancey alerted security and then had her husband take care of their children while she followed and filmed the man and asked him what he was doing in the room.

"Having a rest," the man says in the footage, whilst trying to walk away.

Later Ms Clancey said a shop assistant told her the man had been removed from the room before.

She now says she is concerned about the possibility he'd taken photos of the children inside the parents' room in the past.