A man caught with instructions on how to produce methylamphetamine has avoided jail.
A man caught with instructions on how to produce methylamphetamine has avoided jail. Contributed

Man caught with info on how to make meth avoids jail

HE WAS caught in possession of instructions on how to make methylamphetamine but Matthew John Loiacono escaped a possible 25-year jail term because he was only using them for research on his teenage daughter's death.

Loiacono, 42, pleaded guilty in Gympie District Court late last week to charges of producing marijuana, possessing relevant things, possessing things that were used or were for use in connection with commission of a drug crime, possessing instructions for making methylamphetamine and possessing marijuana.

The court heard Loiacono, aged 40 at the time of offending in 2016, quit his job at Gympie Auto Barn and set about accumulating equipment he said was for use in making cannabis oil later that year.

Judge Glen Cash pointed out Loiacono also possessed the instructions for, and equipment that could have been used for, production of methylamphetamine.

Loiacono's solicitor said the reason he had for possessing the instructions was related to the overdose death of his teenage daughter.

The explanation behind the seven marijuana plants and drug equipment was so Loiacono could produce cannabis oil, which he believed was a more effective treatment for ongoing physical pain than the oxycodone he had been prescribed.

Loiacono had been involved in a motorcycle crash at the age of 21, which caused extensive nerve damage and pain.

"If anything I find it startling that (after) losing a daughter to a drug overdose you would be in any way involved with any illegal drug,” Judge Cash said.

Though facing the hefty 25-year sentence for possessing instructions, Loiacono's "40-odd years” spent without getting into any trouble factored into his overall punishment.

Judge Cash sentenced him to six months' imprisonment for the instructions and four months for the other counts, suspended immediately for one year.