Man cops 12 months for exposing himself in car park

A MAN who exposed himself to a woman in a Centro Gympie parking lot was sentenced to jail on Monday.

Trevor Roy Wells claimed he was "adjusting" himself when a female driver saw him exposing himself, but his lengthy history of similar offences, which included jail sentencing, suggested otherwise.

Gympie Magistrates Court heard the woman saw Wells walking behind her in the car park, "ducking" in and out of cars.

She locked herself in her car and as she drove off saw Wells smiling and waving to her.

The court heard Wells' pants were undone to expose himself.

The defence said Wells was not waving to attract the woman but rather out of frustration that she had seen him.

The court heard that Wells, of Wamuran, had stopped at Centro to roll a marijuana cigarette. He was heading home from a physio appointment in Bundaberg following a carpal tunnel operation.

Wells pleaded guilty to committing an indecent act in public. However he pleaded: "I didn't mean to do anything to anybody" and said, "I always put my hand up" to admit previous similar offences".

The magistrate said Wells' history meant the "only option" was jail. He sentenced him to 12 months' prison, with parole on December 9.

Wells also pleaded guilty to possessing drugs and was given two months in jail.