A South Burnett man landed himself a massive fine after taking a scooter to his cousin’s car window. File Photo.
A South Burnett man landed himself a massive fine after taking a scooter to his cousin’s car window. File Photo.

Man cops huge fine after ‘smashing up’ cousins car

A Cherbourg man unleashed his rage on his cousin's car, smashing the windows with a scooter after she refused to give him a lift to his father's house.

Tyrone Murray pleaded guilty to five offences before Cherbourg Magistrates Court including wilful damage, riding a motorbike without a helmet, and operating an uninsured and unregistered vehicle while unlicensed.

On December 29, 2020, Murray attended with cousins Cherbourg address hoping to get a lift to his father's house.

"The victim was at her home and the defendant came asking for a lift to his father's house. The victim said there was no fuel in the car, so she declined to do so," police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens said.

"He said to the victim 'well, I'm going to smash your car up then'."

The victim assumed this was an empty threat, however he proceeded to approach the car and smash its windows with a silver scooter.

At 7pm January 4, 2021, police spotted Murray riding a motorcycle down a Cherbourg street.

"Police attempted to catch up with him, but he disappeared. It was later established that he was the driver," Sergeant Stevens said.

Murray was not wearing a helmet at the time and was not the holder of a motorbike license. The vehicle was also uninsured and unregistered.

The defendant was represented by Mark Oliver from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service.

In relation to the driving charges, Mr Oliver said his client was riding a dirt bike that does not need to be registered when ridden on a private property. He claims to have simply been transporting the bike to his property.

Mr Oliver said the wilful damage was just a senseless act, triggered by his cousin's refusal to give him lift and a lack of communication between the two.

"She didn't have any fuel in her car, but she didn't explain that to him, she just said no," Mr Oliver said.

"He's since gone back and apologised for this senseless act."

For each driving offence, Magistrate Andrew Sinclair fined Murray $250 for each offence, with convictions recorded for all.

For the wilful damage, he was fined a further $250 and ordered to pay $500 in compensation for damage done to the car. Convictions were recorded for this offence.

He was also suspended from holding or obtaining a driver's licence for a six-month period.

Magistrate Sinclair said the significant fines, totalling $1750, should serve as a "reminder and a deterrent" for Murray to find better ways to control his emotions.