Man escapes jail after nearly killing motorbike rider

A MAN who performed an illegal u-turn across double white lines on a mountain road and nearly killed a motorbike rider in the process has walked free from court.

Richard Goddard, 28, pleaded guilty on Wednesday in Ipswich District Court to dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm.

Crown prosecutor Noel Needham told the court the crash occurred on Northbrook Parkway in the Brisbane Valley on November 22, 2014.

He said the motorbike rider, 20, sustained severe injuries and had to be airlifted to Royal Brisbane Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

"The motorbike rider was out on a morning ride travelling east towards Mt Glorious," he said.

"He rounded a sharp bend and crashed into a vehicle performing an illegal u-turn over double white lines near a rise in the road.

"The motorbike rider could not avoid the collision and hit the side of Goddard's Nissan Navara head on."

Mr Needham said the rider sustained numerous facial fractures, compound fractures to his arms and wrists and intracranial bleeding.

He said the rider had undergone numerous surgeries since the crash and would need to undergo several more into the future.

"He has still not been able to return to work due to the limited use of his arms and wrists. His injuries will no doubt greatly affect him for the rest of his life," he said.

Defence barrister Ben Power said Goddard was a model citizen, had no criminal history and was truly remorseful for his actions.

He said Goddard had acted stupidly in a moment of inattention after becoming lost and flustered.

"There is no doubt he will face civil action following these criminal proceedings," he said.

"He froze when he realised he could not manoeuvre out of the motorbike rider's way.

"He had penned a letter to the rider expressing his extreme remorse for his actions and the injuries the rider suffered."

Judge Sarah Bradley sentenced Goddard to 18 months behind bars wholly suspended for a period of four years. Goddard was also disqualified from driving for 18 months.