Ashley Robert Charles K Houghton received community service after using a gel blaster to threaten his neighbour.
Ashley Robert Charles K Houghton received community service after using a gel blaster to threaten his neighbour.

Man in firing line after using gel blaster to threaten neighbour

A MAN has faced court after using one of his gel blasters to threaten his concerned neighbour.

Ashley Robert Charles K Houghton pleaded guilty to dangerous conduct with a weapon and wilful damage in Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Monday.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Macushla Pattinson told the court Houghton was charged with the offences on June 18 after an argument with his neighbour.

The court heard Houghton was arguing with his partner.

When his neighbour heard the commotion he called over the fence to make sure things were OK when Houghton replied it was none of his business.

Sen Const. Pattinson told the court an argument between the pair began when the neighbour then grabbed a ladder and progressed to look over the Colorbond fence.

Houghton then grabbed his M4 rifle gel blaster warning his neighbour he was armed and would shoot if he continued over climbing the ladder.

The neighbour then heard rapid fire shots at the fence and continued to climb to the top where Houghton could see him.

Houghton again warned the neighbour to stop and aimed the gel blaster at the neighbour.

When the neighbour saw the gel blaster he got down from his ladder and took cover inside his home before calling police.

During the incident, Houghton struck the fence with a tyre lever causing a dent in the fence.

Houghton's lawyer Matt Maloy told the court his client gave his neighbour plenty of warning and the neighbour persisted with climbing the fence. "This is offending that is out of character," he said.

"The victim continued to get to the top of the fence and continued the argument, to say he was in any significant fear is hard to accept."

Mr Maloy said Houghton became frustrated when his neighbour persisted to try and intervene.

Magistrate Bronwyn Hartigan took into account Houghton's plea of guilty.

Ms Hartigan said while she accepted Houghton gave his neighbour warning, she couldn't condone what he did.

Houghton was ordered to serve 100 hours of community service and the forfeiture of his M4 rifle gel blaster and the tyre lever were ordered.

A conviction was recorded.