Gavin Roy Kilgour has been jailed for stealing groceries from Woolworths.
Gavin Roy Kilgour has been jailed for stealing groceries from Woolworths.

Man jailed for trying to steal groceries from Woolies

A MAN has received jail time for attempting to steal a trolley full of groceries from Woolworths.

Gavin Roy Kilgour, 28, filled several reusable shopping bags with $487.20 worth of groceries and headed past the checkout of Tewantin Woolworths without paying.

Police prosecutor Jeanette Grigoris said Kilgour, from Tewantin, first positioned his trolley to exit through the entry gates about 10 minutes before the store's closing time, but turned around when the gates swung closed.

"He has then returned to the aisles, browsing again for a few minutes and has then approached the express (checkout)," Senior Constable Grigoris said.

"He has excused himself past two customers and proceeded straight past the register, has walked towards the front door and was stopped just prior to exiting the store."

Kilgour produced an old receipt to the store manager when asked for proof of his purchases.

The items didn't match the products in his trolley.

Kilgour had a "significant" criminal history of 10 pages and was on parole at the time of this offence for stealing.

At Noosa Magistrates Court today he pleaded guilty to attempted stealing.

Defence lawyer Joshua Bradbury said Kilgour's offending spiralled as a result of not seeing his nine-year-old son for three years.

"At the time of this offending he was heavily medicated on Xanax," Mr Bradbury said.

He said Kilgour had gained employment in New South Wales and was eager to get away from his social circles on the Coast.

Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin said it was Kilgour's "lucky day" as he should have been charged with stealing, not attempted stealing.

"What you did clearly constitutes stealing under the law in Queensland," he said.

"You were apprehended inside the precincts of the building but you'd already gone through the check-outs with the stuff in the trolley- that's stealing.

"Sometimes when I deal with people for taking things from grocery stores I feel quite sorry for them … but $400 worth of groceries speaks for itself because that's not hunger, that's greed."

Mr McLaughlin said if Kilgour was charged with stealing he would have faced a six-month prison sentenced.

He was given a three-month prison sentence to serve one month.

The conviction was recorded.