Man on trial over indecent treatment of granddaughter

A 57-YEAR-OLD Mackay man has pleaded not guilty to maintaining a sexual relationship with his seven-year-old granddaughter.

In his opening statement at his trial in the District Court in Mackay today, Crown prosecutor Gavin Webber said the man had touched the girl's genitals while babysitting her on unknown dates between June 25, 2014 and September 8, 2014.

Mr Webber said the sexual acts had occurred during a three-month period when the girl's mother had been receiving treatment interstate and her father had been doing shift work.

The jury heard two pieces of pre-recorded evidence from the girl, speaking to a police officer and being questioned in a closed court.

In the first interview, the girl told the officer that her father's father had touched her "private parts" "every day" that he had stayed overnight at her home.

"I just had to deal with it and in the morning I was super sore," she said, recalling the first incident.

The girl's parents testified.

The father said the accused would occasionally care for the young girl and her sister during the period when his wife was interstate.

He said the man had babysat overnight for four nights in a row from June 30, 2014, as well as on the night of September 6, 2014.

The man is pleading not guilty to two charges - maintaining a sexual relationship with a child and indecent treatment of a child under 12 while she was in his care.

The trial continues tomorrow, with at least one more witness to testify.