Man on vodka binge attacks rival for staring at him

A MAN appeared in Rockhampton Magistrates Court yesterday after a drunken assault on a rival who 'kept staring' at him.

William-Cody James Young, 21, drunkenly assaulted a man on East St in Rockhampton CBD in May this year.

Although the two men had never met, they were known to each other through a mutual ex-girlfriend.

The court heard the victim was standing next to a friend's car when Young drove up near him.

A verbal argument occurred but both men came to the agreement to shake hands and go their separate ways.

Young walked away before going up the victim a second time and assaulting him by pulling at his shirt and ripping it.

The man sustained scratches to his chest before running away.

Young reported he couldn't remember much of the incident because he was heavily intoxicated that evening, having drunk four bottles of vodka between him and a friend.

The defendant had no previous violent offences and told the court the incident was out of character, adding he hasn't drunk alcohol since.

Young was given a compulsory community service sentence of 70 hours to be completed within 12 months.