Zachary Stephen Mclean pleaded guilty to possession this week for pocketing an MDMA capsule he found on the floor of Club 88 in April
Zachary Stephen Mclean pleaded guilty to possession this week for pocketing an MDMA capsule he found on the floor of Club 88 in April

Man pocketed MDMA capsule found on floor of Club 88

A MAN who picked up an MDMA capsule from the floor of Gympie nightclub Club 88 and put it in his wallet pleaded guilty to possession in Gympie Magistrates Court this week.

Zachary Stephen Mclean, 23, was charged on March 8 when police searched him as he left Club 88 around 2:30 in the morning.

The police prosecutor said earlier in the night police had been made aware of him during patrols of the premise, and searched him when they saw him leave.

They found the ecstasy capsule in his wallet, and Mclean told them he did not know why he put it there after finding it on the ground.

Mclean was fined $200, with no conviction recorded.


A Victory Heights mother and her friend were sentenced together on drug charges following a search of her house on March 20.

Cassandra Rachel Lawes, 34, and Jai Brendan Fox, 35, were charged after police found marijuana, methamphetamines and utensils during the search.

Lawes pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana seeds and a pipe used in connection with smoking a dangerous drug.

The seeds were found in a clip seal bag hidden in a cavity behind a wall tile.

Lawes said the other items seized belonged to Fox, who was visiting at the time.

Lawes has one 6-year-old child and the court heard she is trying to make a better life for her and her child.

Fox pleaded guilty to possession of 50g of marijuana, 0.1g of meth found in bags and an electric grinder.

Fox’s lawyer, said the defendant was a father-of-four, and accepted he needed help with a drug problem, having smoked marijuana since he was 15.

Lawes was fined $250, with no conviction recorded, and Fox was fined $600.

A 28-year-old labourer who said he had been smoking his whole life pleaded guilty to possessing marijuana this week.

Steven Hesketh was charged with possessing marijuana and utensils following a police search of his house on March 19.

Police found 1g of marijuana in a bowl, a water pipe and an electric grinder.

Hesketh told Magistrate Chris Callaghan that he had been smoking marijuana “pretty much [his] whole life” and after attending drug diversion had only learned to “smoke less”.

Mr Callaghan said Hesketh was only in possession of a small amount of the drug for personal use and fined him $250.

No conviction was recorded.

Andrew Edward Johnson, 56, was fined for possession of marijuana and unlawful possession of a weapon.

On March 5 police searched Johnson’s property and found just over 3g of marijuana in a tin, which Johnson said was for personal use.

Police also found a taser which Johnson had no permit for and said he bought it online to use on his dogs to stop them fighting.

He was fined $400.

Jari Eino Kallaste, 50, was fined for possessing a water pipe used to smoke marijuana.

Kallaske was charged on April 18 and was one of four people detained at a property during a search where they discovered the pipe.

He was fined $200.