Man raped stepsons in his care

WARNING: Graphic content.

A Townsville man who was found guilty of raping his two stepsons, was acquitted of an indecent treatment charge by a jury who accepted he accidentally urinated in one of the boy's mouths.

The man who cannot be named to protect the identities of his two victims, raped two of his former partner's children for an unknown period in 2017.

The court heard the man, 30, orally raped the boys aged between four and five, and six and seven while their mother left them in his care, as he was living with them at that time.

The man also digitally raped one of the boys.

The children made the complaints in July 2018. The man was arrested in August that same year by police and declined to participate in an interview.

The man was found guilty of three counts of rape and one count of indecent treatment by a jury when he was tried in the Townsville District Court last week.

The man was acquitted of another charge of indecent treatment of children where it was alleged he urinated in the mouth of one of the children. The jury accepted this was an accident.

The court heard the man also has a troubling domestic violence history which includes assaulting a former pregnant partner in 2009, who he punched in the face after they had an argument over his drinking habits.

"He received a substantial fine on that occasion," Crown prosecutor Molly Mahlouzarides told the court.

The man was also sentenced for breaching domestic violence orders with the mother of his stepchildren who he raped.

Judge John Coker said he acknowledged the children were cross-examined in "the gentlest way possible" on the man's instructions.

"The jury has found you have committed the most serious of offences against two young boys, who were entitled in the circumstances … to rely upon you to provide support and stability," Judge Coker said.

The man shook his head as he was sentenced to four and a half years jail.

A parole eligibility date was set for June 4, 2022.