NUISANCE NO EXCUSE: A Glenwood man went from victim to offender in one bad mistake.
NUISANCE NO EXCUSE: A Glenwood man went from victim to offender in one bad mistake. Contributed

Man says 'I'll slit your throat' - and loses

A GLENWOOD man who might have made a complaint to police about telephone harassment, instead found himself on the other side of a much more serious charge in Gympie Magistrates Court on Monday.

The court was told the man's girlfriend had been subject to an extensive campaign of phone harassment by another man who claimed to be her ex.

Daniel Patrick Reynolds interrupted one of the calls, on October 22, by taking the phone and saying: "Next time I see you I'm going to slit your throat with a knife.”

That was his big mistake, according to submissions to the court.

Reynolds, 33, pleaded guilty to using a phone service to threaten serious harm.

Defence solicitor Chris Anderson denied police submissions that the young woman was the other man's former partner.

"Both my client and his partner reject claims the complainant and she were in a domestic relationship,” Mr Anderson said.

"He stayed at her place (temporarily) but did not leave,” he said, adding that she had asked him to collect his belongings and move out.

"On the 20th, she received 14 missed calls from this person, on the day of the offending 39 missed calls from him and six or seven days later, 76 missed calls from the same person.”

Mr Anderson said this was "a small snapshot of the context.

"The calls have had a significant effect on the woman,” he said.

She has tried to tell him to stop contacting her and my client grabbed the phone in frustration and said the words he now regrets,” Mr Anderson said.

"It is serious but understandable in my submission, but not acceptable.

"He has since avoided contact with the man.”

Magistrate Chris Callaghan said Reynolds would have been better off making a complaint to police.

"You are being prosecuted for saying to (this man) that you would slit his throat with a knife and for doing that in circumstances where he has repeatedly made a nuisance of himself,” Mr Callaghan said.

"A better way to do it would be to complain to the police about him,” he said, fining Reynolds $500.