Lesley Fay Purcell has faced court after stabbing a man during a street fight in West End last year.
Lesley Fay Purcell has faced court after stabbing a man during a street fight in West End last year.

Man stabbed during fight over $50

A WOMAN who stabbed her sister in the heart has faced court again, this time for slashing a man in the arm with a steak knife during a public brawl.

Lesley Fay Purcell, 48, was drunk when a friend asked to be repaid $50 that he lent her, prompting her to knife him in the arm in the streets of West End on January 28, 2019.

The court heard just a year before the knife attack, Purcell had been sentenced to four years' jail in the Ipswich District Court for stabbing her sister.

The mother of six was visiting her family at Cunnamulla in August 2016 when she stabbed her sister in the chest with a kitchen knife, piercing her heart and lung.

Remarkably the sister survived the attack.

In Brisbane District Court on Tuesday, Purcell pleaded guilty to one charge of wounding for the street attack last year.

The Crown prosecutor detailed how on the afternoon of the fight, the woman had called the man an "ugly f---ing dog" after he asked for the money back.

Purcell walked away but returned with a steak knife and tried to stab him, chasing him around a garden while the man used his backpack to shield himself.

The court heard a bystander tried to help by standing between the pair, but Purcell managed to slice the man's right bicep causing a 10cm cut.

Purcell's defence team told the court she was drunk and had forgotten to take medication at the time of the attack.

The court heard she had a "very unfortunate" upbringing, marked with violence and homelessness and a longstanding alcohol addiction.

While Purcell had a terrible history of violent offences, Chief Judge Kerry O'Brien said it was clear that she had a tough life and had taken steps towards her rehabilitation while in jail.

"You plainly have had an appallingly dysfunctional life," Judge O'Brien said.

"If you wish to put your past behind you, you must move now to take advantage of the support network that will be available to you after your release."

Purcell was sentenced to three years' jail.

After having spent more than a year in jail, she was given immediate parole. - NewsRegional