Man steals $6k from Gympie teen's shopping basket
Man steals $6k from Gympie teen's shopping basket Donna Jones

Man steals $6k from Gympie teen's shopping basket

A 46-year-old Lower Wonga man who stole thousands of dollars from a teenage girl was fined $500 and ordered to pay restitution.

The 16-year-old girl had accidentally left $6000 in a green carry basket when shopping at Woolworths at Gympie Central Shopping Centre on June 13.

Christian Neil Cherry was shopping in the store when he saw the envelope in the basket and took $5150. The $850 left in the envelope was thrown out by staff.

Cherry told Gympie Magistrates Court he took the money to buy a new car.

"If you had given it to the cashier nothing would have gone missing," Magistrate Chris Callaghan said.

"It was out of character, you have no prior convictions."


Chris Callaghan the new magistrate in Gympie.
Magistrate Chris Callaghan. Renee Albrecht

Cherry had "prolonged the distress" for the girl and her family, Mr Callaghan said.

"It saddened me because this 16-year-old was going with her Dad to buy a car and loses the money. She may have been blamed by her parents for not taking better care of it and you prolonged the distress."

The $5150 had since been returned. Cherry was also ordered to pay $850 restitution with no conviction recorded.