Police put shirtless man on bender on bus back home

THE shirtless man seen wandering the streets of Roma on what appeared to be a serious bender has now been sent back to his home town of Mackay on a bus.

At 4am Tuesday, Roma police received reports that a man was causing a disturbance at BP Kooka's, pulling rubbish out of the bins and throwing it around.

The man then walked into the service station and started knocking over the items on display and throwing them on the floor, before going over to the coffee machine and snapping all the coffee stirring sticks.

Police arrived to the scene and asked the 31-year-old, who we now know to be from Mackay, to leave, but he refused.

He then followed another customer out of the store and started harassing him for cigarettes.

Police officers then arrested him and transported him back to the Roma watch house where he was charged with public nuisance.

The man, who finally opted to put on a shirt but remained shoeless, protested to police that he didn't want to leave Roma.

But he was escorted by two police officers to the bus station on Tuesday after being charged with public nuisance the night before.

Police then heard the man had gotten off at the bus stop in Toowoomba where he caused some more trouble before calling a taxi and requesting they drive him back to Mackay.

He was issued with a notice to appear in the Roma Magistrates Court on October 16.