IN COURT: Matthew Dee Restell appeared in the Bundaberg Magistrates Court for 16 offences.
IN COURT: Matthew Dee Restell appeared in the Bundaberg Magistrates Court for 16 offences.

Man with 16 drugs and weapons charges granted bail

A MAN charged with 16 drugs and weapons offences has been granted bail with conditions.

Matthew Dee Restell faced Bundaberg Magistrates Court yesterday, where he applied for bail.

Police conducted a raid on October 2 at the Gooburrum property where Restell was residing at the time and found prohibited items in his possession.

They included a marijuana plant, three bags of marijuana weighing 22g, 109g and 3.5g, bags containing 58g and 24.5g of methamphetamine, 5.95g of MDMA (ecstasy) powder, 10 MDMA tablets, 14 LSD tabs and drug utensils, as well as seven guns, ammunition and almost $85,000 in cash.

The court heard that Restell had a substantial history of committing offences and breaching parole.

He appeared by videolink and confirmed if granted bail, he had new living arrangements in a Bundaberg North property with a long-term friend.

His lawyer said the friend, who appeared in court to support Restell, could offer him ongoing employment through his lawn care business.

Magistrate Andrew Moloney said the Gooburrum property where the raid occurred was clearly set up for that kind of illegal activity to take place.

He recommended Restell distance himself from the property and from the people who also lived in the dwelling.

Restell agreed with the magistrate, saying his name was no longer on the lease and he had no affiliation with the occupants anymore.

He also said his girlfriend who was living at the property at the time had moved out.

Mr Moloney granted bail in exchange for a $5000 cash deposit, which his family and friends were in the process of trying to raise as a surety, for the defendant.

The magistrate said the defendant needed to avoid going to the Gooburrum property and would be in breaching of his bail conditions if he failed to live at the address supplied, or report in person to the officer in charge at Bundaberg Police Station every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Charges included possession of weapons, used drug utensils, dangerous drugs and producing drugs.

Restell was ordered to appear in court on February 3 for committal mention before the case can proceed to a higher court for sentencing.