'Cross-dressing' rapist to remain under strict supervision

A NEAR naked bra-wearing dad who greeted service station staff with a testicle hanging outside his g-string has a history of offending, and multiple abnormal sex fixations, a court has heard.

A hearing was held this week to decide when a supervision order could be lifted for the dangerous Ipswich sexual offender.

A Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act hearing was told the man was due to be released next month.

His previous convictions included rape. As a teenager, he was convicted of indecent assaults after molesting several women in public.

Brisbane Supreme Court also heard that in this case, the man's cross-dressing at the petrol station was "a prelude" to sex offending against children.

Multiple "paraphilia" or abnormal sexual obsessions were discussed.

A doctor had diagnosed the rapist with disorders including exhibitionism, pedophilia and transvestism.

His cocktail of mental problems was presenting challenges for Corrective Services.

Existing jail rehabilitation programs did not seem to deal with the man's paraphilia and he needed one-on-one psychological and psychiatric treatment, the supreme court heard.

His needs and mental problems might also change in years ahead, the court heard.

The man once went to a retail outlet wearing a t-shirt around his hips then removed the t-shirt, putting his genitals on display.

To protect the identity of one of his victims, some details of the man's offending cannot be reported.

In Queensland, jailed sex offenders due to be released can be placed on supervision orders, released on parole with supervision or given continued detention.

In this case, the court had the ability to extend a supervision order for 10 years.

But the sex offender, who is in his 30s, believed the order should end after five years.

The supreme court decided to make the order for 10 years.