Three men have been sentenced to jail over the terrifying 2018 home invasion.
Three men have been sentenced to jail over the terrifying 2018 home invasion.

Man with one leg held down and stabbed during ice attack

A MAN with a prosthetic leg was stabbed and threatened to have his throat slit during a terrifying home invasion, a court has heard.

Justin Whitfield, 48, Matthew Davis, 41, and Nakia Lehmann, 40 faced Brisbane Supreme Court on Tuesday over the violent burglary where a man was stabbed in the leg and had a knife held to his throat on March 27, 2018.

Crown prosecutor Jacqueline Malouf told the court Whitfield, Lehmann and another co-accused hatched the plan to break into the victim's home while injecting ice after hearing the victim had a reputation for selling drugs.

On the way to carry out the attack, the trio ran into Davis who "foolishly" went along and all four arrived at the Ashgrove boarding house about 10pm.

After hearing a knock at the door, the victim attached his prosthetic leg and answered the door to the strangers asking them what they wanted.

Whitfield then punched the victim in the face, and once inside, held him on the bed with his forearm on his throat, while the others searched for drugs and cash.

Things took a brutal turn when Davis grabbed a 20cm kitchen knife and began threatening the man.

"Davis continued to press the metal blade of the knife into the complainant's throat and then lent over (him) and threatened to slit his throat and murder him if he spoke with police," Ms Malouf said.

The victim was then stabbed in the leg by one of the men before the group fled with $1500 in cash, marijuana, prescription drugs and a phone.

Ms Malouf said it was a "violent, protracted" invasion that only stopped when another boarding house resident came to the victim's aid.

She said all three had pleaded guilty to wounding, burglary at night, armed robbery and summary offences at an early stage and should receive the same sentence.

The defence barristers for each offender told Judge Gregory Lynham about their "long and torturous" histories with drugs.

The court heard that Whitfield had turned to drugs after a relationship breakdown, but had now been drug free for 18 months.

Defence barrister Kate Gover argued Davis should receive a lower jail term than the others because his criminal history was less and he did not help plan the attack.

"He essentially got picked up … and foolishly decided to follow along," she said.

She also noted that Davis believed "he'd be dead if he hadn't been arrested by now" and prison had saved his life because it has allowed him to tackle his drug addiction and diabetes.

Lehmann had been addicted heroin, speed and ice but had moved from Victoria to Queensland to try to get away from drugs, the court was told.

In sentencing, Judge Lynham agreed with Ms Malouf that the trio's sentences should be equal.

He sentenced them each to five years and three months' jail.

After time already spent in custody, Davis and Lehmann will be eligible for parole on March 4, 2020, and Whitfield will be eligible on February 21, 2020. - NewsRegional