IN COURT: Jordan Alexander Parkes faced Dalby Magistrates Court on three charges. Picture: Facebook
IN COURT: Jordan Alexander Parkes faced Dalby Magistrates Court on three charges. Picture: Facebook

Man’s $900 fine for refusing to take pants off for Dalby police

Dalby police were forced to change the pants of a 25-year-old man because he refused to wear the watch house pair.

Jordan Alexander Parkes faced Dalby Magistrates Court on January 18 following his drunken outburst on December 5.

The court heard police attended an unrelated job at a Cunningham St pub, when they were made aware of a patron who refused to leave.

Police prosecutor sergeant Derek Brady said Parkes was found standing at the main entrance arguing with security.

Parkes was told to leave, and responded by saying “oh yeah I am, but I’m trying to finish my f---ing drink”.

The court heard Parkes continued to drink his beverage and ignore police, saying “it’s a free f---ing world”, and “f--- ya, arrest me”.

Parkes was then arrested and transported to the Dalby watch house.


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Sergeant Brady told the court that as part of the intake, offenders were required to change into watch house pants upon their arrival as he had draw string in his own.

Parkes was given 15 minutes to comply, however he obstructed police twice in their duties.

Sergeant Brady said they had no choice but to remove his pants and have him put on the watch house pair.

The court heard Parkes returned a breath alcohol reading of 0.154 while he was in custody.

He was then charged with committing a public nuisance within a licensed premises, failing to leave a licenced premises, and obstructing police.

Defence lawyer Michael McElhinny said the 25-year-old St George man had been living in Dalby for family reasons and was hoping to work in labouring.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop told Parkes that in fact wasn’t a “free world”, with the incident hitting him in the pocket.

“If you want to behave like an idiot when you’re out after midnight … you’re going to pay the price,” she said.

Parkes pleaded guilty to all charges and was given one fine of $900.

A conviction was recorded.