Bradman Avenue starts to flood
Bradman Avenue starts to flood

Rainfall predictions downgraded


IT'S likely to be a quiet night tonight for the Coast.

The Bureau of Meteorology has downgraded coastal rainfall predictions to 250mm from what had been 300 - 400mm, or possibly more data from the US Navy used by Noosa head of disaster planning Bob Abbot concurs with that despite earlier predicting a 3am strike.

Minor flood warnings have been reissued for the Coast's rivers.

- Bill Hoffman


DISASTER planners fear Cyclone Marcia could be on track for the Sunshine Coast with the centre of what is weakening to a low pressure system reaching Eumundi at 3am tomorrow morning.

The Sunshine Coast has been hammered by another low pressure system ahead of the unpredictable Marcia which is beginning to break up as it moves towards us at 22kph.

Noosa head of disaster planning Bob Abbot said Cyclone Marcia was likely to become a low pressure system, just under cyclone rating around Gayndah but still packing plenty of punch with winds to 100kph.

It is expected the existing low over the Sunshine Coast will dump another 100mm before a lull which will see it join with the remains of Marcia to deliver a further 300mm to the catchment tomorrow morning.

Mr Abbot said residents should expect a significant rain event that would push flood predictions even higher.

Marcia has curved back towards the coast after a high pressure system to its east eased.

The BOM model earlier had Marcia on a course to pass west of Gympie, behind the Sunshine Coast and out to sea over Brisbane.

But the US Navy model, has the centre of the cyclone also heading of Gympie but curving on a track directly in over Eumundi and out to sea over Maroochydore as an intact cyclone with winds from 68 to 123kph.

Mr Abbot, who guided the response of several south east Queensland local  government authorities to flooding in 2012, said the developments were worrying.

The Maroochy and Mooloolah river systems, more than the Noosa River, are expected to be placed under the greatest pressure if the modelling proves accurate