Police found several marijuana plants at the man’s Amamoor property. Picture: File photo
Police found several marijuana plants at the man’s Amamoor property. Picture: File photo

Market stallholder had 4kg weed, 2kg seed and banned powder

A EUMUNDI Market stall holder found with more than 4kg of marijuana and an illegal South East Asian plant known as Kratom told police he used the drugs for pain relief.

Jai Appelt, 34, was detained at his property in Amamoor on September 28 last year, while police searched his home. Police found 4.667kg of marijuana, some in pots and some planted in the ground.

They also found just over 2kg of marijuana seeds, some on a bench and the rest in bags in the home, as well as utensils including water pipes, a hose, a grow tent and digital scales.

Gympie District Court heard the marijuana plants were varied in maturity and the crop was about nine months old.


An illegal plant known commonly as Kratom was also found, in powdered form, that had been imported illegally from Malaysia.

Kratom, native to South East Asia and banned in Australia, is a plant commonly used overseas for pain relief, and even acts as a sedative in high doses, the court heard.

Appelt told police the marijuana and Kratom were for his personal use to treat pain, however he was charged with supplying dangerous drugs after telling police he might “give a friend a joint” from time to time.

Appelt pleaded guilty in Gympie District Court to producing more than 500g of marijuana, possessing more than 500g of marijuana, possessing the dangerous drug Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom), supplying a dangerous drug to another person and possessing anything for use or using anything in connection with a drug crime.

Appelt’s lawyer, Jacob Robson, said his client was a father and a jewellery maker, who had sold his products at markets, including Eumundi Market, but was now on Centrelink.

He said Appelt had been diagnosed with ADHD, autism, a learning disorder and bipolar disorder in the past, and now had a prescription for medicinal marijuana products.

Judge Gary Long said the sentence imposed on Appelt needed to make him understand the illegality of his actions.

Appelt was fined $2000 and a conviction was not recorded.