MARRIED At First Sight's Davina Rankin has blamed the editing of the show for portraying her as a villain.

Speaking via Instagram messages to Hit 105's Abby Coleman, the Brisbane bikini model and business owner said she was struggling to deal with the backlash and "wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy".

"A lot happens behind the scenes; it's so hard for me to even watch the show as I know the context of the conversations and some sentences are even from days before so it's almost impossible for me to try and make sense," Coleman read out on Hit 105's Stav, Abby and Matt this morning.

"But I know that I'm a good person and what's happened and I wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy."

"I know it's everybody's job whether it's selling magazines or getting listeners on radio stations but until it directly affects you it's really hard to get your head around."

Davina isn’t getting much love from viewers of Married at First Sight. Picture: Channel 9
Davina isn’t getting much love from viewers of Married at First Sight. Picture: Channel 9

Rankin, 26, told the Brisbane breakfast radio host she wasn't allowed to talk because it was against her contract with Channel 9.

The controversy surrounds her attempt to couple swap, secretly meeting groom Dean Wells and making a pact to swap her husband Ryan for him.

However, Wells backflipped on Sunday night's episode, choosing to stay with his wife Tracey Jewel.

Since the show aired, Rankin has not given any interviews and media outlets have only aired prerecorded conversations.

She didn't attend the Channel 9 program launch in Brisbane earlier this month because of the backlash she had received online.

The Courier-Mail understands Rankin, whose social media following of 293,000 is crucial to her businesses, has also created a second Instagram account to separate herself from the backlash on her page.

The Courier-Mail has approached Channel 9 for comment.