ONE Married At First Sight contestant has been demanding he be paid for radio interviews to promote the TV show, it's been claimed.

This morning MAFS couple John and Melissa dropped into the KIIS FM studio in Sydney to chat to Kyle and Jackie O and at the end of the chat John asked, "When are you getting Troy on?"

The radio hosts then revealed they told Troy to get stuffed because he was asking for money for his time.

"Troy won't come on, he's being so difficult," Jackie O said.

"Troy's turned into an idiot who now wants to be paid to come on," Kyle added. "We told him to shove it up his arse."

Jackie labelled Troy a "diva" and said: "Every one of the Married At First Sight couples are all good, they're all fine to come on. Not Troy. Troy wants money."

There's typically an expectation when you sign onto a reality show that you do press interviews to help promote the program. Nova's Fitzy and Wippa also mentioned on air this morning that they couldn't get Troy to appear on their show.

A Nine spokesperson told that "Troy will be available for radio interviews next week".

Two days ago claims surfaced that Troy is in fact an actor who has been hired to appear on the show.

According to a fan on the Married At First Sight Australia fans Facebook page, Troy's "bride", flight attendant Ashley Irvin, has said the rumours are true.

The fan explained that she had quizzed Ashley on the show after meeting her on a "domestic Virgin flight" on Monday.

Troy is an aggressive brusher. Picture: Channel Nine
Troy is an aggressive brusher. Picture: Channel Nine

"Just got on a flight with Ash! So pretty in real life!" the woman wrote alongside a selfie of the pair. "She was really friendly and happy to do photos and answer so many questions by so many people."

Then she dropped the bombshell.

"[Ashley] said Troy didn't apply for the show but was selected via an agency ... She said they weren't going to get rid of a main 'character' early, so she had to play the game."

In a statement to, Nine denied the claims: "There are no paid actors on Married At First Sight."

MAFS star Dean also shot down the rumour on Nova this morning, telling Fitzy and Wippa: "Him and I are really good mates and if he's an actor he's got me fooled in real life."

There are just five couples left on Married At First Sight with the highlight of last night's episode being Tracey's shocking response to a question from this season's villain, Dean.


Troy is an aggressive brusher. Picture: Channel Nine
Troy is an aggressive brusher. Picture: Channel Nine