Good mates - Wayne Twigg and Peter Peirano shared a love of cars. Photo supplied.
Good mates - Wayne Twigg and Peter Peirano shared a love of cars. Photo supplied.

MATE’S TRIBUTE: ‘I was MC at Twiggy’s wedding’

PETER Peirano has paid an emotional, heartfelt tribute to his mate of 40 years, ahead of speaking at his funeral service on Tuesday.

Friends and family will farewell the likeable larrikin Rockhampton businessman Wayne Twigg during a celebration of "Twiggy's" life at Callaghan Park at 2pm.

Attendees have been asked to come in "bright, colourful, casual attire" - something Twiggy was renowned for and it was a trait shared by his colourful character buddy, Mr Peirano.

On Monday Mr Peirano, well known for his work in the insurance industry, provided an insight into his mateship with Twiggy, the man behind the Advanced Exhausts business.

Mr Peirano said Twiggy, in his teens, was a "street kid."

"Not that he didn't have loving parents, but he was a little turd," Mr Peirano explained.

"He was out when he should have been home in bed.

"What I'm going to say tomorrow is this.

"Wayne's success came because of Wayne.

"Everyone loved him.

"The exhaust manufacturers - if a place at Mareeba went broke, they'd track down Wayne with a list of their stock, and it might have been say $80,000 worth, and they'd say 'you can have it for 15 grand.'

"Wayne would buy the lot.

"He did that time and time again.

"He didn't know where all his exhausts come from, but he knew what they'd all fit."

Mr Peirano said he and Twiggy shared a close bond.

"We did his insurances for 95 per cent of his life - I've known him for 40 years.

"I was MC at Twiggy's wedding and tomorrow (Tuesday) I'll speak at his funeral.

"Twiggy and I used to compete with flash clothes and flash shoes.

"He'd get his clothes from a bloke in the Oasis Shopping Centre opposite the casino, and I'd get mine from America.

"And then I'd go get me shoes from New Zealand on a website, and he'd go get them from there too."

The mates also shared a love of cars.

"Twiggy had a heap of Jags, he had a heap of cars.

"Always bought more than he could afford.

"When he was in Brisbane he bought the Bentley, this black Bentley convertible, 15 years old, 90 grand, absolutely stunning car.

"So he brought it up home, and took a photo of him in front of it, and sent it to me.

"I said 'yeah you beat me, you win, you win again.

"Yeah, he had a love of life, he had a love of people, and he had a love of cars and he had a love of clothes.

"He just had so much love in his life, like there was nothing wrong."

Wayne Byron Twigg lost his battle with cancer last Monday.

He was 61.



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