Matt Damon: I never leave my family more than 2 weeks

The 45-year-old actor has made a pact with his wife Luciana Barroso and his daughters Isabella, 10, Gia, seven and Stella, five, as well as his 17-year-old step-daughter Alexia that he'll never accept an acting job - regardless of how big or small the pay is - unless they can join him abroad.

Speaking on Australia's KIIS FM, he said: "When making the movie, I always take them and go on a big family trip. Every decision to make a movie is really up for to the family. If it is going to be too disruptive, I just can't do it. Sometimes it is an adventure. Last year I went to China for six months and it was a big family trip and that was awesome."

However, if the 'Jason Bourne' star isn't allowed to tag his family along with him, he will only accept the role if it's guaranteed he can return home after two weeks of shooting.

He explained: "We try to not be apart for two weeks. We have this two week rule, but three weeks has been the longest we have ever been apart."

But, despite his globetrotting career, he recently admitted his youngest daughters don't realise he's a film star.

He said: "I think to a certain degree the older ones do, they are aware of it. The younger ones probably not so much."

Meanwhile, the hunk previously said he often feels outnumbered by the amount of females in his house.

He explained: "There's a lot of oestrogen.

"I occasionally need to leave to take my walk around the park by myself. But it's really wonderful."