Strike cancellation won't ease pain

QANTAS engineers have cancelled their planned industrial action after management threatened to dock them a day's pay but delays and changes to scheduled flights will remain.

The Australian Licenced Aircraft Engineers Association cancelled the four-hour work stoppages at Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane airports scheduled to start from 3pm (AEDT) today.

ALAEA federal secretary Steve Purvinas said Qantas management distributed notices to engineers threatening to withhold up to seven hours' pay for the lost time.
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"The airline is playing dirty pool with our members by threatening them for taking lawful industrial action," Mr Purvinas said in a statement.

"To ensure our members are not unfairly disadvantaged by Qantas management's last-minute curve ball, we have decided to reassess our position on today's planned action."

A spokesman for Qantas said the airline had not received formal notification of the decision to cancel the stop-work action from the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association.

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