BRAVERY: Mayor Mick Curran has been honoured for bravery as a police officer.
BRAVERY: Mayor Mick Curran has been honoured for bravery as a police officer. Patrick Woods

Mayor receives national award

ALL politics aside, Gympie region Mayor Mick Curran is officially a hero.

Acknowledging that timing of the national tribute was fortuitous, just 48 hours before election day, Cr Curran said the award by Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove was "completely unexpected and very humbling".

Cr Curran, who had previously been awarded the Queensland Police Service Valour Medal, said it was a reminder of the important efforts of everyone involved in the emergency services.

Sir Peter said then Constable Curran was now recognised for his courage in pursuing and detaining armed bank robbers at Salisbury, on Brisbane's south side, 26 years ago.

He had been among police responding to an armed hold-up at Bulimba.

On patrol in the area, he and another officer were immediately fired on when they began their pursuit.

"As Const Curran and the other officer followed the offenders' vehicle, which was travelling at speed, they were fired upon at least eight times," the award citation reads.

Three offenders fled the vehicle after other police disabled it.

A fourth offender menacingly aimed a rifle at the two police.

"After the offender ignored orders to put the weapon down, Const Curran discharged his weapon and apprehended him.

"By his actions, Mr Curran displayed considerable bravery," the citation says.

Cr Curran said the community needed to remember "the men and women in our emergency services who face life threatening situations on a daily basis. This recognises one of those situations."

Many people performed acts of bravery in their working life and did not receive such recognition, he said.

Sir Peter said the awards, 24 of which will today be awarded across the nation, "help to define, encourage and reinforce our national aspirations and ideals".

"On behalf of all Australians, I thank them for their bravery. They are a source of courage, support and inspiration and we are a stronger, safer and more caring nation because of them," Sir Peter said.