IT IS a lousy job, but Maryborough mum Lauren Wilson hopes to open a business getting rid of head lice.

The thought of ridding children of nits for a living may leave some scratching their heads, but Lauren's nit nightmares with her own nine-year-old daughter has left her wanting to help other parents and remove the stigma of lice.

"My daughter struggles with it every day at school; she has medium-long hair," Lauren said.

"They just seem to attach to her no matter how many times I get rid of them, and I know a lot of other mums who have this issue and it would be nice for them to have a bit of a break and let someone else help them.

"They're nothing to be grossed out about; I want to remove that shame attached to them."

Lauren hopes to open her business in the next month on the corner of Palace and Sussex streets in Maryborough's CBD.

Depending on the length of the hair, a treatment could cost between $45 and $50 for girls and about $20 for boys.

She said extra measures would be taken to make sure no nit was left alive in her store.

"When I comb out the hair it'll go straight into the basin full of disinfectant," she said.

"Everything will be sterilised every day and we'll have a lot of white so we can see them."