MIDDLE MAN: President Donald Trump's decision to move his embassy to Jerusalem is the latest provocation in the Middle East.
MIDDLE MAN: President Donald Trump's decision to move his embassy to Jerusalem is the latest provocation in the Middle East. Evan Vucci

Meddling in the Middle East a game no one can ever win


Utter, complete, incomprehensible madness.

I could be projecting my immediate reaction to the Eurovision result last weekend, but I'm not.

But it involves Israel, just the same.

It's more than disheartening to see the absolute mess the Middle East is in general.

Israel is neither the cause of the mess nor the only factor but contributes its fair share.

Conflict has been going on in the region for millennia and they still haven't managed to wipe each other out.

The cradle of the world's three major faiths will forever be a flashpoint and shows the peril of mixing religion with politics.

The dividing line we enjoy between the two has well and truly been erased.

The 70th anniversary of the birth of any nation should be cause for celebration.

And Israel truly deserves to be able to celebrate the founding of its modern state.

Israel has every right to exist.

But so does Palestine.

There is no easy solution, granted, but why must other powers constantly interfere?

It's almost like it has become a perpetual game to them that they don't want to end.

Both the West and Russia really don't seem to be able to help themselves.

One thing is very clear: their interests in the whole Middle East have little to do with championing humanity (if anything).

They are all about expanding and strengthening spheres of influence.

A massive game of one-upmanship.

And once again, it's the normal people played with like toys.

You would think by now the Americans and the Russians would have worked out that interfering in this region is a poisoned chalice.

Look at Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. They all came back to bite them both.

The Israel-Palestine problem has always centred around two peoples of one common ancestor both staking claim to the one land.

It should have nothing to do with U.S. v Russia and their associated allies.

Most people in the region are weary and just want a fair resolution.

Unfortunately, it's those with their axes to grind who remain a loud and entrenched stumbling block.

Every now and again, there have been signs of hope that a solution can be found.

But, every time, someone on one side or the other finds a way to derail progress with some provocation or another.

The move by Trump's America to move its embassy to Jerusalem is the latest provocation.

This unilateral action should put paid to any attempts to award the Orange One the Nobel Peace Prize.

If North Korea doesn't pull out of the proposed talks, then this provocative act, which has led to so many deaths of protesters, should seal it for his chances.

Trump only added fuel to the fire on a weekend that was always going to be fraught.

It also proves once again that while the likes of America try to push their own agendas, they cannot act as proper mediators in any conflict.

It's just madness to think anything else.

Utter, complete, incomprehensible madness.