Medicinal marijuana trial has begun in NSW.
Medicinal marijuana trial has begun in NSW. underworld111

Medicinal marijuana production starts in NSW

THE first research production trials of medicinal marijuana in NSW have begun.

Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall recently toured a high-security facility in rural NSW where the research production trials are taking place.

Mr Marshall said the research would fill critical knowledge gaps about growing marijuana for medicinal purposes in local conditions.

"The NSW Government was the first in Australia to receive authorisation from the Commonwealth to cultivate medicinal (marijuana) for research purposes," Mr Marshall said.

"The research is being conducted at a new $2 million, state-of-the-art facility in a high security location in rural NSW and will be conducted in accordance with strict provisions and regulations set by the Commonwealth Government."

The NSW Government's research program will involve eight high-value lines of legal medicinal marijuana accessed through industry collaborator, Cann Group Limited.

Mr Marshall said the aim was to determine the best growing conditions to produce a safe and useful crop.