THC Global CEO Ken Charteris.
THC Global CEO Ken Charteris.

Medicine milestone: Green light for medicinal cannabis product

AFTER years of hard work, THC Global's medicinal cannabis product is set to be commercially produced and available for prescribing from today.

It all started in Bundaberg with the local growing facility which continues to produce it for the company.

THC Global CEO Ken Charteris said the milestone means the pharmaceutical would go into the TGA listing and doctors could start prescribing it if they believe it's suitable.

While other industries have not been as fortunate with production throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, he said thankfully the impacts 19 have not delayed the release for the new medicine in Australia and everything was on track.

Mr Charteris said he expects the first patients could be receiving the medicine by the end of May, early June.

"It is a full-spectrum product, which gives the best possible coverage of active ingredients," he said.

With other strains already in the works and a plan to continue using Canndeo produced products, Mr Charteris said by August they would have a full portfolio of prescribable medicinal marijuana for Australian patients.

"Our promise has always been to provide affordable medicine at the highest rate, and that sort of changes the dynamic for patients here in Australia who are desperately wanting to access the product, " he said.

Having literally grown their business from the ground up, Mr Charteris said this was a big tick for the sector, for Australian patients and the Good Manufacturing Practice.

In light of the product now reaching a commercial level, THC Global has also recently acquired Tetra Health, a clinic network in Australia that facilitates Australian patients' access to legal medicinal cannabis.

He said Tetra could provide an educational porthole for doctors, patients, inquirers and educational health professionals about how to access products and much more in the medicinal marijuana space.

Despite the long journey, Mr Charteris said this industry did not exist 3½ years ago.

He said from "zero ground" they now have an industry with highly skilled technicians developing new products, access to education and pathways to assist doctors and hospitals.

"We're here to help the patients and move the professionalism up to the next notch," he said.