MUSTAHADABLAST: Jenni Randle at her camp.
MUSTAHADABLAST: Jenni Randle at her camp. Bec Singh

Meet the Muster fans who sold up and moved to Gympie

JENNI Randle was living in Brisbane when she purchased a house while in the region for the Muster, and moved here permanently.

"Five year ago we were at the Muster and we thought we would go and look at real estate,” she said.

"We bought a house at Veteran and we sold our house in Brisbane in 10 days.”

Despite travelling through Gympie on family car trips it was not until she headed to her first Muster 10 years ago that Mrs Randle saw the region.

"We would travel through Gympie while the children were little on family holidays,” she said.

"We came here for the Muster and just fell in love with the area.”


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It was on her second date with her husband that Mrs Randle attended her first Muster.

"He brought me to the Muster for my birthday,” she said.

"We have been married for eight years now and we will just keep coming until we can no longer attend.”

It is the friendships she has made over the years that have kept her coming back.

"There is a group of about 28 of us and we meet every year at the Muster,” she said.

"We always come with friends and we make new friends, it is just great.”

Mrs Randle grew up in Melbourne and lived in Brisbane, but she is a country girl at heart.

"I grew up with Charley Pride,” she said. "I never thought I would be country girl but the Muster is the one music festival we come to each year.”

The biggest change she has seen has been an improvements in the artists.

"It has always been good but every year we think why haven't we heard him or her before?” she said. "We went to Winton one year and heard artists that we had listened to at the Muster. Artists that have appeared here we saw again.”