TRADITIONAL owners have voted in favour of opening Adani's controversial Carmichael mine after a meeting in Maryborough on Saturday.  

But the result has been shrouded in controversy with some challenging the outcome and calling the meeting a "sham".  

Held about 900km away from where the mine will be based near Clermont, the Maryborough meeting attracted hundreds of indigenous people to discuss the future of the mine.  

Prior to the meeting, Mt Isa's Jai Simpson was among those hopeful of getting a good outcome.  

"Just to see where it takes us with further jobs and further security of our future," he said.  

David Binge/Kirk who's grandfather is from Clermont also shared high hopes.   "It means a lot because of the land and the way we were brought up and where we come from," he said.  

"The land is us and we are the land.  

"Hopefully we can get a good outcome - an outcome that would benefit everybody."  

The outcome however did not please Wangan and Jagalingou Family Council senior traditional owner Adrian Burragubba who rejected the meeting.  

"This was a sham meeting which has engineered a sham outcome," he said.  

"We will challenge Adani's phony land use deal in the Federal Court and properly discredit it."  

Mr Burragubba said the group would pursue all legal avenues.  

A further Federal Court case was launched on Wednesday challenging the State Government's issuing of mining rights for Adani's Carmichael mine.  

W&J Family Council spokesman Murrawah Johnson accused Adani of stacking the meeting.  

"True to form, Adani has bussed in large numbers of people, including non-members of our claim group who have no connection to the country which this dangerous mine is set to destroy," he said.