DID the temperature in Rome just sink a few degrees?

Melania Trump has coolly snubbed her husband for the second day in a row, literally leaving him hanging as the couple disembarked Air Force One in Rome.

As the US President and First Lady stepped off the presidential plane, he tried to grasp his wife's hand at the top of the staircase, but she pulled away with lightning fast reflexes.

It was no doubt a nerve-racking moment for the 70-year-old grandfather, who is rumoured to harbour a fear of stairs.

British Prime Minister Theresa May was more obliging when she took his hand down a slope during her official visit to the White House in January.

Mr Trump's hand lingered for an agonising moment before he opted to close the gap and briefly place it on the First Lady's backside instead.

Just yesterday, Mrs Trump swatted him away on a red carpet in Tel Aviv, Israel.

She was walking about half a pace behind the President when he reached back to take her hand in what looked like an affectionate gesture.

She ignored it for a few paces, before swatting it like a fly.

While in Rome, the couple will meet Pope Francis at the Vatican before heading to Sicily for the annual G7 economics summit.