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Melissa McCarthy: I believe in ghosts

MELISSA McCarthy believes in ghosts.

The 45-year-old actress, who stars alongside Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon in the new female-led 'Ghostbusters' movie, has claimed she has "felt" paranormal activity in her everyday life.

Melissa shared: "I think they do exist. I don't know in what form.

"But I think there are things out there. I think we've all felt a presence or an energy where for no reason something just feels different in a place we're familiar with."

The Hollywood star also thinks her spirit will linger after she dies and claimed still she talks to her deceased grandparents.

Speaking at the TIME 100 Most Influential gala at New York City's Lincoln Center, Melissa told TIME magazine: "I also don't think when we're done we just float away. I think we're still around. I still talk to my grandparents all the time. I don't think of them as ghosts, but I do talk to them a lot in my car. I don't know if that makes me crazy."

Asked why she experiences paranormal activity in her car, the actress added: "I guess that's when I'm alone. We have really in-depth conversations."

Melissa was joined at the star-studded event in New York by a number of her fellow TIME100 Most Influential honourees, including Caitlyn Jenner, Trevor Noah, Ricardo Tisci, Lewis Hamilton and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Honourees Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande performed for the audience.