Members stand together against 100% FIFO

FED UP with having to publicly spar with Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney's support of 100% fly-in, fly-out in mining towns, central Queensland MP Michelle Landry with Rockhampton LNP members are pushing to change party policy through the state conference next month.

The Capricornia MP stood with Dawson MP George Christensen and Flynn MP Ken O'Dowd in Federal Parliament on Monday to criticise state policy on 100% FIFO .

Two Moranbah mines owned by BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance were given approval by the former Labor state government to recruit entirely from Brisbane and Cairns.

BMA blacklisted local applicants unless they would relocate from regional Queensland.

The company pushed for the recruitment deal at the height of the mining boom when it struggled to find local workers.

The policy was opposed by Campbell Newman while in Opposition but became policy once the LNP took power.

The criticism from Ms Landry earned bipartisan support in Canberra.

Perth Labor MP Alannah MacTiernan said she "would be quite appalled to see 100% FIFO developments in the minerals and resource sector" in Western Australia.

"It is simply, in my view, not acceptable where those mines are located near towns - towns that could benefit from the infusion of activity," she said.

Mr Christensen - whose electorate includes Mackay and the Whitsundays - said he knew of a Moranbah worker who now must fly to Brisbane each week so he could join the 100% FIFO workforce.

The worker is not able to visit his family until BMA flies him to Brisbane once his roster ends.

From Brisbane he flies back to Moranbah for his days off.

"I believe 100% fly-in, fly-out is a cancer," Mr Christensen said.

Attempts to change state government policy by both federal and Queensland MPs have so far failed.

Mr Seeney has never wavered from his view that 100% FIFO gives workers a choice of where they live and work.

At the upcoming state conference, Rockhampton's LNP branch and Ms Landry will put a motion to drop the "100%" from "100% FIFO".

"A lot of those motions that go through our state convention become policy," she said.

"I think it will get a fair bit of support.

"I obviously can't tell the state government what to do, it's a decision the party makes.

"We have to show them how much this is affected the people in these areas."