Michelle Bridges.
Michelle Bridges.

Michelle Bridges’ fridge leaves fans stunned

MICHELLE Bridges has swung her fridge door wide open and invited us all to take a look inside - and it's raised a lot of questions.

"Where's the wine?" and "wait, no chocolate?" and "hey, what's that green stuff?" are just some of these questions we'd like answers to.

Surprisingly, the celebrity trainer's fridge isn't the stylishly organised affair you see on the Instagram feeds of other fitness bloggers. There's no colour co-ordinated Tupperware. No labels. No "his and hers" meal prep for the week or pre-packaged containers of boiled chicken with kale for her and Commando to grab as they run out the door to a training session.

And it seems Bridges has gone rogue when it comes to the storage of her vegetables. She's thrown caution to the wind, ignoring the purpose-built vegetable crisper in favour of letting her carrots and zucchinis roll around the shelves freely.

I assume the good stuff is kept in the conveniently cropped-out door shelves.
I assume the good stuff is kept in the conveniently cropped-out door shelves.

Bridges has also made the brave decision to leave her broccoli unbagged. I imagine this becomes rather messy. Also, the thought of eating uncovered food straight off the shelf of my fridge is kind of gross - but that's mainly because I can't remember the last time I cleaned my fridge.

"I find we eat everything within a couple of days so no need to contain them," she explained when one fan questioned the loose, uncovered vegetables.

"Plus, when I see it I eat it," she added. Same with me but with Tim Tams.

Another surprise? The bag of spinach looks fresh and like it hasn't been left there for a month until the leaves have wilted and disintegrated into liquid like in my fridge.

"OK ... It's not always the tidiest but it's everything we need and healthy for us! This is a 100 per cent uninterrupted, unstylised photo of my fridge. I have not done anything to make it look uber chic (clearly!) It's real. It's us!," Bridges captioned the snap.

But really, why so much green stuff?