YOUR SAY: Adani's Carmichael Mine approval a tragedy

APPROVAL of the Carmichael Coal mine by Annastacia Palaszcuk's government is akin to "evil" according to one of the world's foremost marine scientists.

According to Dr Charlie Veron a top marine scientist says "it defies reason, there is no single action that could be as harmful to the Great Barrier Reef as the Carmichael Coal mine".

The $21.7 billion mine involves mine, rail and port facilities will leave a massive black scar in the north of our state and provide billions of tonnes of coal for India to burn in their coal-fired power stations, at the expense of our precious Great Barrier Reef, a world icon.

Our state Premier thinks she has sealed a great deal for the state and while she struts around boasting, our environment sheds tears of dismay for an act that defies logic.

This is not only an Australian tragedy it is a world tragedy that permits one of the world's wonders to be destroyed by a greedy politician.


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